Right Brain/left Brain - Parts 1,2,3 & 4



Duration: 52 Minutes

40 years ago, science has discovered that the human brain consists of two parts and that each part has a different function with different tasks. Each part has its unique thinking and different effects on the personality. The right brain is the global thinker  and the emotional part. The left brain is the logical & analytical part. It is the academic part.

The human brain works best if the two parts are congruent and are synchronized with each other. Unfortunately, this does not happen for the majority of people. The reason is because we became dominated by the left part. The right part of the brain is where relaxation and happiness occur. Also, if you want to be creative, imaginative and genius, you would need to activate this part of your brain. Studies show that left brain domination can cause higher stress level and higher depression rate. Worldwide statistics point to much higher depression levels Recent research and books have  started to focus on the importance of the right brain especially  for business success, including the best seller book by Daniel Pink : A Whole New Mind. Fortunately, we have developed tools & techniques that enable us to move to that right direction. This material shows you how to get and use these tools. Living in the twenty first century has its tremendous benefits and enjoyments but also it has its own challenges. We simply have to know how to deal with these challenges at the brain level.

To get maximum benefit of this download, you may want to add the hypnosis download: Develop Your Right Brain. The two downloads are very helpful for right brain acitivation.


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