One-On-One Consultation or Coaching or Therapy

It is possible to give consultation or coaching or therapy through the internet, by Skype or other internet media.

For online consultations, you need:

1-High speed internet connection. Wifi may not be suitable.

2-Camera: this will enable both of us to follow the conversation with accuracy, especially for therapy work or induction.

3-Headphones  with microphone.


One-on-one consultation is usually per session which is usually one hour = 60 minutes. It is not cheap and the rate depends on many issues. Before I can give you any rate or even before I can agree on the consultation, I need to know from you exactly what you need. This is why you need first to fill the free consultation form and then the One-on-One Consultation Form. After studying your form, I can determine if that is within my ability.

Some consultations need some material that I may send to you in advance of the session in order to prepare you for the consultation or the coaching. For therapy, I may send to you some documents or explanations of what we are going to do or apply during the induction or therapy work. All of those in-advance preparations are to the advantage of the client in order to get maximum benefits. Customer satisfaction is very important in this kind of business.


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