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A: Blog articles are free but usually more summarized than the audio files which are by payment. Audio files have more details, easier to understand and are much more effective, particularly for the conscious mind.

A: Audio files are good for the conscious mind, while hypnosis files are for the unconscios mind. Hypnosis files are much more effective and long lasting.


A : Depending on the duration and content of the audio file, I have set up different prices.For example, an audio file of 30 minutes would be lower in price than a 90 minute-file.I think that is fair for both my effort and the client.

A : This is intentional.Please refer to the section: Notes about My Audio Materials & Articles, under About.

A: You can use the Goals Planner which is free, and this is similar to some internet worksheets. However, for a price of 2 capuccinos you can use the Pro version and you can plan your goals for the next 20 years. With its many features, is that expensive? Please read its description. It is your choice whether to use the free type or the advanced Pro version.

A: I want to be sure that everyone benefits from my hypnosis. Usually it takes 90 days for the person to notice the improvement of hypnosis. If he/she does not see any difference, I will return their money back after 90 days.

A: I know for sure that they are effective.I have many years experience in this field. None of my customers have ever complained of lack of improvement. However, to maintain my credibility, I want to give the customer the benefit of doubt. 

A: No & Yes. No, not everyone would get maximum benefits  because some persons have very strong secondary gain which would make any therapy not effective.Yes, they work on all humans. Research and studies show that hypnosis is very effective on all people. As long as the person has an unconscious mind, hypnosis will "talk" directly to the UM and thus program the person for desired changes, except for secondary-gain people.

A: I read many books and articles and only summarize the most important points. I also get the help of many assistants worldwide. I have an international team in research and design. The topics are useful for the public for their daily lives.

A: Very easy. Listen to audio files or read the articles and you be the judge. I put a tremendous effort just to make them useful for you.

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A: Yes. My Journal is specifically for organizing your time.It also includes reminders for yourself and for others, for next 20 years.

A:They are similar but not quite the same. Articles in my website coolaura.com are more detailed, more colored and with images. The quality is higher here. Obviously, I want to promote my website.