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The Lovely Journey of Personal Change*

Posted By : Malek Moqaddam |Posted on : Feb 19, 2014

We all want to change at least one thing in our life. It can be our mood, eating habit, driving behavior, emotional reaction, spending habit, relationship pattern etc.

How to Change Yourself? Change Your Life*

Posted By : Malek Moqaddam |Posted on : Feb 18, 2014

Change needs a conscious decision you need to make that decision

The Journey of Change. Do You Want To Change? Or Do You want to Complain? Do You Want a Better Life? Or Do You Want to Abstain?*

Posted By : Malek Moqaddam |Posted on : Jan 25, 2014

Change is about you.Change is for you. Change starts at your decision,for your satisfaction

How to Become More Positive in Your Life?

Posted By : Malek Moqaddam |Posted on : Dec 28, 2013

You can become positive once you allow the law of attraction to work on you and that will happen the moment you think positively.

Why Your Life Sucks?

Posted By : Malek Moqaddam |Posted on : Dec 12, 2013

If you think your life sucks, you are not alone. Worldwide, people from different countries, are experiencing low level of life satisfaction to the degree that they feel their life suck

Do You Need Love? Do You Accept or Resist Love? The Amazing Behavior of Love

Posted By : Malek Moqaddam |Posted on : Dec 03, 2013

In the 1960's, the Beatles created a musical revolution, to the extent that once they released a song, it would be number one for many weeks. One of their gems, an all time success was "All We Need is Love". Do we really need love?

Why Most Relationships Don't Work?

Posted By : Malek Moqaddam |Posted on : Dec 02, 2013

Broken relationships is a cause for major stress and in some cases a cause for major financial loss. There are many reasons for this world trend, which seems to be increasing rather than decreasing.

Why Beautiful Women Are Unhappy

Posted By : Malek Moqaddam |Posted on : Nov 25, 2013

It is a fact that most pretty women- worldwide- are unhappy, and this is because of many reasons.The reasons are:

Self Esteem

Posted By : Malek Moqaddam |Posted on : May 17, 2013

We produce all four main brainwaves at the same time but at different levels. For example, when you are deep asleep, in Delta state, you still have other 3 states but at a much lower level than Delta.