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Depression Facts & Statistics

Posted By : Malek Moqaddam |Posted on : Jan 08, 2015

Depression is very serious. It is the main cause for suicide. People are killing themselves by the thousands, because of this dangerous disease.

Your Road Map for 2015. What Are Your Plans for 2015? Get a New Direction for the New Year.

Posted By : Malek Moqaddam |Posted on : Dec 30, 2014

It is time to make a quick review about what you have achieved in the last year and what you can do to keep on track with your goals.

Images and Inspiration

Posted By : Malek Moqaddam |Posted on : Oct 07, 2014

See some interesting images.

Images With Some Meanings

Posted By : Malek Moqaddam |Posted on : Oct 06, 2014

You can get inspiration by seeing images. Combine images with meanings and the effect will be stronger. Have fun!!

Depression & Pleasure

Posted By : Malek Moqaddam |Posted on : Aug 13, 2014

Two days ago, we heard the sad news: Robin Williams, the famous movie star, committed suicide.

Tips for Personal Development. Develop Yourself With Easy-To-Follow-Tools*

Posted By : Malek Moqaddam |Posted on : Jul 26, 2014

This article is about how to develop a balanced personality. The tips are about how to maintain a healthy personality.

Be Kind To Yourself

Posted By : Malek Moqaddam |Posted on : Jun 24, 2014

Whatever the outside world is treating you, you do not need to treat yourself likewise.

Are You Suicidal? Broken? Depressed? Lonely? There is a solution for you. A Step-By-Step Guide.

Posted By : Malek Moqaddam |Posted on : May 28, 2014

It is no wonder that depression rate is on the rise worldwide. Depression figures are alarming in some countries, and among teenagers.

How to Address Special Emotional Issues? Coaching Tips For Coaches & Therapists

Posted By : Malek Moqaddam |Posted on : Dec 17, 2013

Different personalities need different tools. Here are some basic but general tips, that are useful for professional coaches, therapists and hypnotherapists.

How to Make Your Unconscious Mind Congruent with Your Conscious Mind?*

Posted By : Malek Moqaddam |Posted on : Nov 26, 2013

Before programming the UM, firstly it needs to be congruent with the CM so as to be effective.