Canal in Scotland -- WoW That`s Engineering...


At the beginning there were two canals:
Canal Forth and Clyde was built in 1777 between harbors Grangemouth and Falkirk connecting Glasgow with west cost of Scotland.
Canal Union between Falkirk and Edinburgh was finished in 1822.
Because of geographical difficulties, which created a difference  of elevation, the two canals were connected by 11 locks.

In 1963, after 150 yrs of existence of this water way with 11 locks  the construction of a huge water carousel started. This extraordinary idea was finished in 2002 and became a symbol of Scotland. This invention saves not only time but also energy.

This is the only rotational boat transporter in the world. It has two arms and each arm forms a kind of huge tub filled with water. Boats enter the tub, then the tub locks up and the huge arm starts rotating .

lower canal

Entrance to lower canal


A Boat is approaching the “tub”


There are boats in both “tubs” upper and lower


Rotation is starting


Boats in both rotating arms




Rotating ...


Just before “landing”



Closing  the gate , regulation of level of water and “tubs” rotation
Takes 15 min. only. 


One “tub” 78ft. Long with water and boat weights about 300 tons.


The “tubs” are filled according the Archimedes’ Law.
So the weight of “tubs” are balanced.

To open the upper and lower lock and turn the whole system
by 180? they need an engine of 22.5 kW which only use 1.5 kWh