Brainwaves and Their Effects on You- Parts 1,2,3 & 4


Duration: 1:17 Minutes

In this comprehensive material, you will know  why it is important for you to know the effects of brain waves on our daily life. Our emotions, energy and mental concentration are directly linked to our  brain speed. Each brain frequency has its characteristics and effects on us. The slower the brain frequency the better state you will be. You will learn about the four main frequencies and also the magical state of Gamma, which is called the "blessing state". You will know answers to many questions about why children are better learners, why we can remember anything under Delta state, why healing only occurs in slower frequencies, & why depression rate is increasing worldwide. You will know how to stimulate your brain for different states, and the importance of brain entrainment. Some details are given about how to choose the best entrainment CD. Also, you will understand that we communicate with one another through brain waves at the unconscious level. Behavioral change is also linked to brain waves.

Once you listen to this material, you will know that this is something you really wanted to know about for your life.

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