How to Get Maximum Benefits of Hypnosis Downloads

1-Never drive or operate machinery while listening to a hypnosis download or CD - or whenever you need to keep your attention on something (like childcare).

2-Make sure you find a quiet room free from any distraction. Lie down comfortably on your back on your bed or on a mat or carpeted floor and allow your mind and body to relax. Try to ensure that you will not be disturbed for at least 60 minutes. Switch off your phones.

3-If you don’t have any headphones then yes you can listen via speakers. But I strongly recommend you listen to hypnosis sessions using headphones. By listening through headphones it almost seems like the sound is plugged directly into your brain. Always begin listening at the beginning of the recording. Do not start in the middle or where you think you left off. They are designed to be listened to from the beginning only.

4-You can listen to hypnosis sessions any time, day or night. It’s best to listen to them when you haven’t just eaten a heavy meal. You can listen whether you are tired or fully alert.

5-Don't expect to be able to follow every word. I purposely use vague & complex words. Some of the words have more than one meaning and can be confusing. That is all right. That is part of the induction. Expect to be at times a little confused and/or to lose track or be distracted.

6-Don’t worry if you fall asleep while listening to the download. Don’t worry if you completely forget what you have heard during the session. Again this is not only intentional but also desirable. If you fall asleep then your unconscious mind will continue listening regardless. In fact, most users report that they felt the entire experience has lasted only 5 minutes or so, where in reality, an hour has passed. Your unconscious mind will continue responding to different suggestions even if you were asleep and will even respond better if you forget them.

7-In the beginning you may not respond as well as you need to, but that is ok. You may not be able to fully relax in the first session, but again that is normal.

8- Remember it is important to repeat the hypnosis sessions to reinforce the message your mind is receiving. After the first session you may think not much happened. The time for the session to produce its effectiveness varies from person to person. Sometimes the results are fast and seemingly miraculous. Some people get almost immediate results whilst other people may not notice anything tangible for 2 or 3 weeks. The secret is to keep on listening, and above all to use the download for the minimum period of 90 days. Doing this will ensure a permanent positive change.

9-Repeated listening is the key to success. I recommend you listen to my hypnosis recordings every day for the first week. I then suggest you listen every other day for the following three weeks for maximum positive benefit. After this, you should listen to the hypnosis session if and when you feel the need. Quite often, though, you will need to listen to them repeatedly for 90 days to gain the benefits.

10-I suggest a maximum of two hypnotherapy sessions per day, (that complement each other). More than 2 sessions a day is not beneficial to you. It is important that you don’t listen to two contradictory sessions in the same day. For example, you can listen to two downloads about self-esteem and self-confidence in the same day, or two about success and motivation. But downloads about weight loss and stopping smoking are very difficult to achieve at the same time. You can also listen to the same session, but not more than two times a day. Repetition is useful as long as it is not over done.

11-Expect growth and self-improvement not in large spurts but in reasonable spurts. Allow yourself some time to reflect. Some of the changes are so subtle that you may not notice them yourself. Your friends or your near circle might notice the change in you before you do. Once the change starts to happen, it usually continues gradually and steadily. This is why it is important not to judge the benefit of the downloads before 90 days. Most of the time and for most people, the change will happen quickly within the first month. It should mature within 3-6 months. It nonetheless may continue for many years. One of the earliest noticeable changes is in your dreams. My specific words are to induce stronger mental energy, something you will notice and materialize in vivid dreams. You will dream more often, and with much more clarity. Some of your dreams will be long. Your dreams are to program you for certain goals, according to specific cues and suggestions.

12-For best results read the article or listen to the audio download of a specific topic and then listen to the relevant hypnosis download. For example: You want to boost your self esteem: Go to my blog and read the free article about self esteem, parts 1 & 2. Or download the audio MP3 from the Store about self esteem. I suggest that you listen to the audio file 2-3 times so as you know and understand the main points. Then download the hypnosis file about self esteem and follow the instructions written above herein. This practice will ensure maximum benefits for you. First you will learn about the main points consciously, and then you will save them and program yourself unconsciously through the hypnosis file.


Good Luck!  cool