Notes About My Audio Materials & Articles.

1-Theories & Rules:

In general, I talk about the general trends, rules and theories. Every rule or theory has its exceptions. The theory is still valid and true in spite of its exceptions. For example, when I talk about the general trend or rule of the nature of eating, I would say this : If you eat more, you would gain more weight. I know that some people don't gain weight no matter what they eat. I know very well why those people are not subject to the theory of excessive eating, but here in the relevant article or audio material, we are not interested in the exceptions.

2-Tools & Techniques:

Like all theories, the tools & techniques for a specific change or for healing, will work on most people, most of the time. However, some persons are not responsive to some tools, for many kinds of reasons, which I am aware of. This does not mean these techniques are not effective. This, also does not mean in any way that this person will not benefit or get some sort of improvement. It only means that this person needs more varied techniques or a special consultation. This is why I deliberately include many tools and numerous techniques in order that they work on different personalities.

3-Terms & Consensus:

Some terms like medical terms are complicated for the average person. I tend to simplify the definitions so as to make it easier to understand by everyone. Also, some topics may create some disagreement and even some controversies. For example, when talking about the issue of personal motivation, there are many types of motivation and I am interested in the main ideas about motivation, in the most useful ways, meaning useful for the person and the society. Motivating a person for a negative goal such as taking revenge against a person or an organization is not considered by me as useful, even if that person has his/her own reasons. This is why my topics will originate mainly out of a general positive perspective.

4-Details & Relevancy:

Some topics really need a lot of detail and this may require some sort of "sticking to the main point". For example, when talking about stress which is a very broad term for all kinds of negative feelings/thoughts, I need to focus on the main types and causes. This means some points about stress are deliberately neglected, even though they are considered important by some people. Furthermore, some stress-related results such as lack of sleep or amnesia, should be covered in separate materials because they deserve more attention.

5-Use of Hypnotic Language:

I mainly use hypnotic indirect commands & words in my hypnosis downloads. However, for the benefit of the listener & reader, I also use some hypnotic words in my articles and audio materials. For example : When I explain a tool or a technique that you can use, it is not enough that understand this tool. You also need to be able, in easy steps, to use it, use it in a way that is accepted by your Unconscious Mind UM. This is the importance of using some hypnotic language. Special words are used in my materials to make that process of unconscious acceptance more smooth. Some predicates are helpful for deeper understanding and better benefits. Remember that the human person has a tendency to resist new facts or information.


6-Special Effects and the Contents' Construction:

The materials are constructed in a specific order. One interesting fact about the brain is that it stores information differently, according to the sequence and order presented. This means a one piece of information can be remembered or not remembered well according to how you present it. I purposely have organized the materials to be presented according to the functions of the brain. Also, you will notice that some parts of the materials are repeated, in different locations of the article or audio file, and this is also deliberate. Presenting the same piece of information in different forms, will make it easier for different personalities to understand them.

I use different text colors with contrasts in my articles so as to make the written material more visual and appealing to the reader. In my audio files, I use different sounds and music according to the nature of the content.

I attempt to make my content to be unique in many ways. Unique for both the reader and for the listener.

I attempt to organize my articles & materials so as to be: easy to understand, informative, useful, easy to implement its tools, not too detailed to the extent to be boring, not too brief to be mysterious, highly visual to the eye and pleasant to the ear.

The objective of all of this is that the listener & reader gets the maximum benefit of the materials.

The materials are for you. Therefore, it is important for me that you: understand them well, remember them well, use their tools for your benefit and, ultimately, enhance your life by using them.

Good Luck cheeky