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This web is NOT a hypnosis or NLP or a coaching site. It is not only a combination of these but also much more.

This site is about personal development, life coaching, personal consultations, business orientation, motivation, personality growth & also some entertaining stuff. If you want to pursue goals and succeed in achieving them, then this site is for you.

This site is for human potential. We all seek success and happiness, and we spend most of our lives trying to secure them. This journey towards our goals can be directional and also fun. We need to know our map before we hit the road. Once we hit the road, we want the journey to be an entertaining and interesting one.

Coolaura Can Be Your Passionate Personal Journey

The world now is getting faster and more competitive, which creates emotional/mental stress on us. We, therefore, need to find the tools for inner peace, calmness and higher energy.

My hope is that this web site will allow you to develop your potential with passion and enthusiasm, until you become totally fulfilled.

The resources in this site are numerous, diversified and are suitable for different personalities, age, gender and cultures. You will find many files, applications, articles, & downloads that you can use for your benefit. They are specially chosen in order to enhance your lifestyle. The purpose of this diversity is that you can become balanced in all aspects of your life. Many materials are included that cover: success in general, business, health, emotional health, meditation, hypnosis, relaxation, motivation, tools & techniques for personal development, stress-free tips, sports performance, energy, creativity, education & learning,…etc.

The tools and techniques are written in a simplified language & style in order that you can easily understand and apply them. To better understand a specific material, some people prefer to read it while others like to listen to it. This site includes both texts and audio files. 

You can bookmark this site, so you can return to it again and again.

What is in this site?

My Blog: My blog articles are well researched materials about many issues and subjects, collected from many resources. You will find here many tools, tips & techniques that address personal development and other issues. This section is free. If you need more details, please go to section: Notes About My Audio Materials & Articles, under About. My articles shown in other websites are similar but not the same. Here, in My Blog, the content is more detailed, more colored and with images.

Should you be interested in any subject, you can learn more about that subject by downloading Other Audio Files, from the Store.

The Forum: Whether you are a student, or a traveller, or a business person, or an athlete, or a goals–seeker, or a social person, or an enthusiast for personal development, there is something for you in this forum. This large forum has many sub-categories in order to give you the freedom to choose and share. Personal development category has classification for motivation, success and all other interests within this field. Another category is about business and entrepreneurship. In the learning forum, you can share many tips & tools for better learning and studying. My Travel will enable you to create travel buddy forum and plan for your next travel, alone or with others. My Health is for weight control, relaxation, fitness and nutrition. You can share any new idea with others. You can write your goals and then create a support group through My Goals Forum. Or you can use the forum as a social circle in My Lounge and share anything you want. This forum can be so large that it can accommodate all of your interests so that you don’t need to subscribe to any other forum.

Cool Stuff: The topics are classified into different sections such as: jokes, travel, nature, life…..etc. The files in this section are royalty/copyright free, or by permission from their owners. This section is for your entertainment. It has many quizzes, nice images, nature stuff and even motivational content. To motivate yourself and have some time off away from daily stress, you need to engage in entertaining stuff. This is the purpose and role of this section.

400 Life & Success Quotes: I have collected what I think the most suitable quotes for your success, motivation and happiness. Furthermore, if you register in this web site, you can get daily email containing quote of the day. You can start your day with a quote that is helpful and positive towards your life. Start your day with motivation!

Guests Posts: This site includes contents from different sources such as: magazines, newspapers, authors, experts…etc.

Your Goals: We all have goals, and a site of this nature would not be successful if it does not include a section or a material about goals. I have included 2 worksheets about goals: 1- Free worksheet: The Goals Planner: In this online file, you can write your goals, and add them to your calendar for the next 10 years. Available in Free Stuff. 2- Worksheet by Payment: Goals Planner Pro: this version is much more detailed and advanced. You can write your goals, add them to your calendar for the next 20 years. It is created in different colors and styles so as to be more appealing to your unconscious mind. Available in the Store.

The Store: It has 4 sections:

1-Hypnosis Downloads: I have created many hypnosis files for many issues. If you need to know about how hypnosis downloads work and how to use them more effectively, please read the section How to Get Maximum Benefits of Hypnosis Downloads, under About.

Note: hypnosis downloads are covered by 90-day-money –back-guarantee.

2-Other Audio Files: These are usually audio downloads covering my blog articles. The articles in my blog are free. Most of blog articles are summarized versions of the audio downloads material. For example, you will find 4 parts about the right-left brain series in my blog. The 4 parts are covered and explained in more detail in the audio files. Also, the 4 parts of right brain are also included in one hypnosis file to program the person on these tools.

Note: There is NO money–back-guarantee for audio downloads.

3-E-Books & Articles:

4-Online Products: Goals Planner Pro, My Journal…etc. These are useful online worksheets and applications that you can use for many issues. The pro version of goals planner is a very detailed step-by-step organizer with easy explanations for all obstacles, resources, and all requirements for your goals.

Note: For best results, it is better to download audio file and hypnosis file about same subject, in order to program both the conscious & unconscious mind effectively.

Free Stuff: You will find free videos, my diary, Goals planner…etc.

My Diary: Free version with calendar. Express your self by writing what you have done everyday, for 10 years, and save them. See, Free Stuff.

My Journal: Payment version with calendar, To Do List, task schedule, with room for writing more daily activities., and more importantly, with reminders for next 20 years. Not only you can remind yourself, but also others.

The Diary is important for your motivation. To express yourself by writing your activities on a daily basis is very good for your emotional health as well as your personal development. Here you can write the good things about your day, the nice events that happened to you and also any pleasant feelings or experiences you had today. You can write all this in the free version and also you can share what you wrote with other persons through the Forum. In the payment version you can do of all that plus you can organize your daily activities and arrange them according to priority of personal preference. This will allow you for better time management and better business performance.

One-On-One Consultation/Therapy: This is for private consultation. If you want a special motivation for a specific area of your life, or if you want to get rid of a certain emotional issue, or for other issues, you can contact me directly. Private consultation is not only expensive, but can be limited because of my lack of available time.

Calendar: For easy planning, an online calendar is added to the home page, with bright colors.

Search Box: You can search Google without leaving the site, or search this web in the same box !

Secure Payment: Your payment goes to PayPal which is one of the safest online payment methods. This site is equipped with SSL Certificate for enhanced security.

Registration: In order to access all of the contents of this web, you need first to register. Once you have registered, you will receive a free daily quote of the day and also a weekly update of the latest articles of My Blog. Please go to the Dashboard in order to see all options available for you in this web site.

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Note: I encourage qualified persons to contribute in the success of this web. Your articles can be added to Cool Stuff or Guests Posts. Please refer to Files & Articles Submission Guidelines, under section: Terms & Conditions.

Finally, my hope is that this site will grow until it becomes one of the top sites for personal development.This objective would only materialize by the assistance and loyalty of its users,….....By......You.