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Malek Moqaddam

Life Coach & Master Therapist

NAME: Malek Moqaddam
JOB: Life Coach & Master Therapist
Residence: Globally: USA, Middle East & Far East.

Citizen: Global citizen




  • Bachelor of arts in Economics & Business management (double major), USA.
  • Master Coach & Master Practitioner : NLP, Hypnosis & Time Line Therapy ®. Tad James company. Sydney, Australia.


My Experience


1. My Coaching & Therapy

We want success for our goals. We need our life to be as good as it can be. We seek growth in our personality. This is why life coaching has become as good as a necessity, particularly for those who aspire to reach the next level, the level of self fulfillment and ultimate potential.

My experience in coaching and therapy is extensive. I noticed that mixing therapy with coaching is much more helpful for my clients.

A) My Coaching: is based on directing the person towards his/her goals. Using different tools from different sciences such as personal development, behavioral science, psychology and business administration. The focus is on changing the thinking and energy of the person so as to be able to achieve those goals. Different approaches are used according to the personality of the person.

My coaching covers these areas:

  • Learning abilities.
  • Business orientation, in general.
  • Sales/marketing.
  • Goals: setting up, planning & direction.
  • Sports/Athletic performance.
  • Self esteem
  • Self confidence
  • Health
  • Lifestyle


My coaching is a mixture of conscious awareness and self-programming tools.

B) My Therapy: Combining different forms of therapy such as : NLP, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy ® , EFT ® & Energy Healing (including breathing techniques). Have done therapy on many persons of different age, gender, education & countries, with great success rate, for the following issues :

  • Weight Loss.
  • Learning Problems.
  • Phobia.
  • Relationship.
  • The Core of personality.
  • Depression.
  • Negative Emotions: anger, sadness , fear & guilt.
  • Limiting beliefs.
  • CM/UM congruency.
  • Health issues: high blood pressure, hearing problems, sleep disorder etc.

In my therapy, I use different techniques, some of which used in the waking state and some under trance: light or deep trance, depending on the personality and specific issue of the person. Hypnosis, direct or indirect, can be used.

C) Other Work Experience:

Worked as an economist for many years. 

3. Energy:

My personal training by Chinese Master Ding Khedr ( whose knowledge and mastery is among the top in China), to practice Chi Kong, has given me deep insight knowledge about energy healing and about different forms of meditation. Using Chi Kong for energy boosting is very effective.

I have practiced and used different breathing techniques to develop and alter energy patterns, with excellent results. Practicing Hakalau also was very helpful for me to combine it with hypnosis & energy.


4. My Life Journey :

Having been born in the Middle East, and educated in the West, enabled me to deeply understand the human personality and personal behavior within different cultures. At school I was always an A student. Even at the university, in the first semester I was at the dean’s honor list with a GPA of 3.9 out of 4.0. I was the top of class in economics, philosophy & business, in the USA. Since my early childhood, I found deep interest in reading different subjects. I consider myself extremely educated in : history, geography, politics, sports and business. I also noticed that since my childhood , I have had high extrasensory perception ESP, to the level above the normal person. This ability enables me to predict in advance many patterns within human relations.

I travelled to many countries worldwide within 6 continents. I noticed that different regions of the world have different types of energies, something that is clearly reflected in the behavior & thinking of the people of those countries.

My research and practical experience in different fields of personal development led me to realize that success is achieved mainly not through academic efforts but more by emotional/mental attitudes.

Although I have read hundreds of books, and thousands of articles about NLP, Hypnosis, energy, meditation and health, I look at myself not as an expert but as a good learner.


5. Examples of My Coaching/Therapy :

A) Learning: Many students in high school or college seek guidance for their academic focus or for improving their grades level. Usually, I get students whose GPA is as low as 2.0 out of possible 4.0. In many cases, I use tools such as : anchoring, hypnosis, future pace and visualization. I have not found any student who has come for my consultation and who has not improved significantly. They all improved from GPA 2.0 to at least 3.0. Usually it takes 2-4 hours in total, except in rare cases when the client is suffering from an SEE.

B) Self Esteem: I use tools like : change personal history, Time Line ® & hypnosis . All of these tools proved to be between effective to very effective on all of my clients. Even resistant clients who don’t want hypnosis can notice good results with other tools, in short time.

C) Self Confidence: I find first if the client is internal or external thinker, something similar to Myers-Briggs filter by others. I use visualization techniques according to his model of thinking. NLP & hypnosis are very effective. All of my clients improve, sometimes to the point of overconfidence, which I will adjust later.

D) Goals Orientation: This process is comprehensive and takes little longer as it needs more feedback from the client. Step-by-step approach is used. Client is asked to write it in SMART, and afterwards he will be programmed to think & follow up accordingly. All studies show that writing goals is very effective if it is combined with personal development tools : future pace, visualization, hypnosis & positive thinking techniques. None of my clients complained of lack of improvement in the direction of his/her goals. I give support of one year for the client to make sure that he is on the right direction.


E) Weight Loss: I find out first his/her role model in childhood. Also if his over weight is connected with an SEE ( severe emotional experience). Many tools are used here with excellent results : Sub-modality, swish pattern, connecting to different values, hypnosis…etc. Some of my clients lose 35 pounds in 3 months. Others take between 3-9 months to loose good weight. Clients responsiveness here is different. It is sometimes – but in few rare instances – that the client does not respond to this therapy. This is because he/she has a very high secondary gain. In this instance it is possible that no therapy will work on him.

F) The Core of Personality: All of my clients responded very well to different forms of therapy. All of them noticed after therapy that they are much more emotionally free.

G) Business Orientation: This is almost same as goals orientation, but it is more focused (more specific).This needs more time to measure the success rate. Again with my support for one year, using different motivational tools, different thinking patterns combined with hypnosis /NLP, the client will notice the difference.

H) Lifestyle: This needs a comprehensive program for each person. It could be the most valuable thing that a person can do to himself. In this life changing program , I do the following : get rid of negative emotions, get rid of limiting beliefs, develop his energy, change personal history, find out new goals and install them for him, program him on positive thinking, think to attract success, and maintain a healthy body/energy. This needs 7-10 sessions, depending on the person: age, sex, past history, & his energy level.


My Different Type Of Approach

My techniques are different from standard :

For example :

A) Sub-modality: I use a different type because my experience showed me that traditional procedure is not as effective. I use a combination of Bandler’s and Tad James’. Empirical evidence with my clients shows that this type is much more effective.

B) Time Line Therapy®: Not all of my clients responded the same. I mix it up with change personal history and with other tools. Again, I noticed that this version is much more effective.

C) Hypnosis: Some clients are resistant to hypnosis and therefore, they can’t be under deep trance. Some of them even don’t want to use it at all. I use Hakalau in the beginning, then use other tools. Once I get his acceptance for hypnosis, the results are excellent. I can induce deep trance, under Delta state, to my clients. I found this tool the most effective of all. Change will happen within very short time.

D) Personal history : Standard procedure is not very effective. I combine it with tools such as reframing. Reframing is very delicate and the practitioner must be a master in using the accurate & specific words.

E) Ecology : I know that I can change the person with many tools that I have. The question is not if these tools work, but rather if they work to the benefit of the client. Some practitioners use these tools but they use them for the wrong type of change. Example : a client has a lot of fear in his life. If the practitioner removes the fear (which he can ) but doesn’t deal with the issue of anger, this client might turn into a criminal, having no fear to kill if his anger is still high. This is why I focus a lot on Ecology, meaning the goal has to be congruent with all benefits of the client.


Some Success Stories

Suzan: In Sydney, Australia, She was in her late fifties, in 2007. She wanted my help. She was totally devastated : just divorced from longtime husband and had a car accident, where her mother died in hospital because of the accident. Unemployed as well. She was crying all the time. After 3 times of therapy, doing complete personal breakthrough procedures, she changed completely. As she said it “ I changed her life”. I still exchange emails with her : she got a job and is in good terms with her only daughter, and is much happier.

Samy: In Kuwait,2009 : he was a manager in an investment company and wasn’t doing well. He wanted better motivation, orientation and even to make business as a top priority value in his life. I explained that changing his values may negatively affect his other personal values and in this case, it will definitely affect his family life. He insisted that he doesn’t care about his family life that much. After I did my version of Sub-modality combined with special visualization, he began to change towards his career, dramatically. He ended up in divorce, but he insisted that he is happy with his career success.

David, Sydney, Australia : He was having trouble with his fiance and felt stuck : he can’t leave her nor stay with her. He was also crying. After 4 hour therapy, in one session, he left to Gold Coast, so as to reflect. 2 days later, he called me to say that he is much stronger emotionally and he decided to leave her. He felt that this decision was a very big relief to him.

Tareq, Kuwait, 2007: He was a 15 year old boy, over weight. His parents tried everything with him. In the beginning of the session he cried, telling me about his fellow students at school who made fun of his weight, especially about his big – woman - like chest. After 2 sessions within 10 days, he began quickly to lose weight. In 4 months he lost 50 pounds. His grades at school - although were already good-improved to top of the class. His self esteem became so high that he joined body building club.

Mazen, From Syria, 2008: 28 years old, was having low self-confidence, especially in front of women. He wanted to get married but was afraid. After 2 sessions, he dramatically changed. He got married a year later. In his strong belief, it is only because of my therapy that changed him.

Waleed, Kuwait, 2010 : He was an 18 year old boy, who just finished high school with very low grades at 43%. He wanted to go to college but didn’t know what to do. After 2 hour session, he decided to join 2 year college. After 6 months, he told me that in his first semester, his grades were between very good to excellent for all classes.

Jane, From Singapore ,2007 : She wasn’t doing well in her career, as a social worker. During the session I noticed that she has a problem with accepting her self. I did self-acceptance tool, which is not very different from Tony Robbins’ tool. Surprisingly, after the session, she told me with great joy, that for first time of her life she felt she liked herslf, and even for the first time ever she felt she loves her 3 daughters !!

Ameen, Kuwait 2008: 62 years old, suffering from high blood pressure with kidney problem. Kidney problem rooted in childhood, & related to negative emotions. 7 sessions of total 15 hours, within 3 months. He got rid of kidney pain, and after 7 months his blood pressure became normal, and got rid of related medication.

These are true stories for some clients. I have dealt with many more clients for different issues.


My General Observations about My Clients :

  1. All of my clients are either successful in personal life but not in career or in career but not in personal life. Rarely I see someone whose life is well balanced.
  2. Almost all of my clients seeking help/coaching in any area of their life suffer from an interrupted breathing pattern.
  3. Almost all of my clients have negative or blocked energy.
  4. Almost all have their problems rooted in their early childhood.
  5. Those who can’t reach their goals-even if they are very intelligent are stuck because their unconscious mind UM is not congruent with their CM. They simply can’t follow the path of success even if they see it clearly. They have hidden resistance inside.
  6. Those who suffer from bad relationships, usually it is because of their low self esteem.

My Interests :

I love : Travel, nature, sports, music, helping the poor, protecting the environment, & learning from different cultures.

                                                  My Slogan 

"The potential in You is bigger than what you  think of You"

Malek Moqaddam