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Posted on : Aug 03, 2013

Hello & welcome to the Forum. We are happy to see you in our circle.

Forums are great for many things, including sharing your experiences and learning from others.This forum can be your social circle. Here, you can share your thoughts with new persons according to your prefernce and/or common interests. You can view all posts of this forum, but if you want to share and participate, you need to register first.

Terms and conditions:

We encourage you to participate in this forum and post as many posts as you like. Please consider this forum as your community, a place where you like to contribute in and keep clean. We, therefore, like to promote posts that are: happy, informative, interesting, funny & useful.


Please do not post anything that contains the following:

  • Pornographic or sexual content , whether images or texts or other.
  • Marketing or advertising, in any form.
  • Illegal content such as software downloads, MP3s, movie sharing...etc.
  • Copied content that are taken from other web sites, and that are without the approval of their owners, whether images, texts or other.
  • Abusive language or insults, in any form.

The administrator has the right and ability to remove any member without any notice.

Please help us to run this forum as smoothly as possible. Thank you!

This forum is classified into several categories. Each category is about a different subject/interest. If you don't find your interest in any category, you can simply go to the Lounge and communicate with others about anything else. The Lounge is like your social place.

1. Personal Development:

This category has 3 sections:

  • Motivation
  • Success
  • Other: All other posts related to personal development are here. This includes personality issues, personal growth, personal change, habits, emotions, feelings, depression, relationships, family,...etc.

2. Business:

  • Entrepreneurship: posts about how to start and run your own business.
  • Other: All other business posts including: personal investments, business management, raising capital, marketing, advertising, E-business, ....etc.

3. Learning/Education:

  • Tools & Tips: posts about effective studying methods, accelerated learning, memory, ..etc
  • Other: all other posts about educational systems, learning resources, Mind Map,..etc.

4. My Travel:

  • My Destination: share your favorite destination with others. Write about your personal experience. Write about countries or places where you had much fun. Create a group for your next travel destination.
  • Travel Tips: Write about useful tips that can benefit others. This could be currency exchange, hotel savings,..etc.
  • Other: All other travel posts are here, including: weather in destination, hazards..etc.

5. My Health/Energy:

  • The Aura
  • Relaxation/Meditation
  • Fitness & Weight
  • Other: This can include: nutrition, healthy food, better sleeping...etc.

6. My Ideas:

If you have a new idea, don't hide inside yourself. Share it with others. New ideas are a symbol of creativity. If you have an idea for making this website better, we like you to share it with us. If you have an idea about anything, just post it here and no one will judge you.

7. My Goals:

Write your goals and share them with others. This is a good way to find encouragement from others. Someone can be like your support group. Share your goals and lift your motivation higher.

8. My Lounge:

Just relax here and post anything that is less serious. Communicate with other members about other things whether it is the weather, or a new song, or a new movie, your favorite tennis player, a new perfume, the last model of Ferrari...etc.